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  • Pending order

    Hi, I ordered something over six months ago and it is still pending. Why hasn’t it shipped yet?
    Diana Contreras Sunday 01 December, 2019 0 0
  • Fraudulent Site

    Do not order from this site. It is fraudulent.
    Sara Pack Sunday 10 November, 2019 0 3
  • Needing help

    It’s not even letting me make changes to my account.. I’ve tried going back in to my account to put my number in so my order can actually get...
    Alaina Keech Saturday 07 September, 2019 0 0
  • You blew me away!

    I am always dubious about purchasing clothing online from a store I don't know, but the descriptions and close-ups looked pretty good so I spent...
    Anthony Hartsell Sunday 01 September, 2019 0 0
  • Order cancel

    I made order numbers 5882984 and 5882985. 84 gave me an error by credit card, so I made order 85. Please cancel 84. Thank you
    Darrell Good Monday 15 July, 2019 0 0
  • Please respond/charges

    Hello I made an order,however I am uncertain if it was processed,which is ok.I want to cancel my original order.I would like to do a bigger order to...
    Santasha Morrison Monday 27 May, 2019 2 0

    High,  Was hoping to hear when you'd get this item back in stock?  Thanks 
    Elijah Savage Wednesday 22 May, 2019 0 0
  • Shipping

    I cant choose between shipping options. Best way is The only option l get. Whats up with that? 
    Lovisa Olsson Tuesday 14 May, 2019 2 0
  • Double Purchase? Please cancel the first?

    I just made a purchase on the site, but the first time I tried to checkout via the credit card option I was taken to a screen with text that said...
    William Edwards Wednesday 24 April, 2019 0 0
  • Custom Clothing?

    Hi, my name is Jessie, I emailed a while ago and haven't heard back. I wanted to know if Punk Rave would be open to making their already...
    Jessie Holloway Tuesday 22 January, 2019 0 0
  • Shipping fees and reorders

    Hello again, My order has not yet been deducted from my card,however if it is not possible for me to cancel my order I ya ok.ill order the other...
    Santasha Morrison Saturday 29 December, 2018 0 0
  • Cancel and reorder

    Hello. I literally just ordered the leather backpack.I wanted the backpack aswell s the hat and the there anyway possible that I could cancel...
    Santasha Morrison Saturday 29 December, 2018 0 0
  • Coat

    Hi,will arrive this amazing leather coat again? I´d...
    simone Valle Sunday 23 December, 2018 0 0
  • about product

    Hi, I want to buy a few parts of skirts from your website.However there were out of stock. Those will be shipped to Turkey. Size is M or L i cannot...
    ikbal aksoylar Wednesday 19 December, 2018 0 0
  • Website

    It would be so helpful to be able to filter the items by size, and so many items are sold out. It’s a little frustrating to have to sort through...
    Toni Pyatok Sunday 28 October, 2018 0 0
  • Is this still an active store?

    My credit card was billed, but since then no action has happened on my order, and there has been no reply to multiple emails. I'm considering...
    Grant Ricker Sunday 21 October, 2018 7 0
  • Will you have a restock of a size ?

    Hello, I wanted to know if you will have a restock of a size S for this :  Black Wool Leather Spanking Split Punk Skirt Model: Q-298 Because...
    Priscilla Duranton Wednesday 03 October, 2018 1 0
  • Shoes

    What shoes is the model wearing? Lovely Puff Sleeves Lace Lolita Dress Model: LQ-076
    Alexandra Winter Saturday 29 September, 2018 1 0
  • Restocking of a dress

    I am wondering if you had planned on restocking the SummerSexy Retro Long Braces Punk Dress  any time soon 
    Chloe Estes Tuesday 29 May, 2018 0 0
  • My payment didn’t go through how

    My payment didn’t go through and I used a gift card. I tried to re order it with an updated payment but it wouldn’t allow me to use my gift card...
    CASSI HAY Sunday 01 April, 2018 0 0